Which Affiliate Offers To Represent On The Internet?


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When one begins a web business they are normally unsure of which affiliate offers to represent. Here are some details that might be of help.

There Three Types Of Affiliate Offers To Represent:

1) Your Own product or private label right (PLR) offering:

Most effective affiliates offer a variety of offerings, their own products and product offerings of others. Many of these products are PLR products. 

You can sell these products as they are or many times you can completely rewrite them, which at this point they no longer belong to the former creator.

So, they become your product, which means at this point, you can re-brand them and set your own price point and represent them as your own creation.   

A lot of beginners will have their own product, but are fearful of looking like a fool by stepping and selling their offer. Sometimes because they don’t consider themselves and expert or a guru.

Actually, to be an expert all you have to do is be two steps ahead of your students. 

Of course, if this doesn’t make you feel comfortable you can take a certification course and earn a certificate which says you are an expert! A lot of times these courses come with sales tools, like contracts, assessment forms, all to help you really look like the guru you are.

At this point, you need to determine if  your products are going to be digital or physical. You can offer both of course. The point being you now have a product to sell.

2) Affiliate Products Which Is To Sell Other People’s Products.

This is where you become basically a salesman or simply a trusted representative of the product vendor. 

Of course, this is super nice because all you do is drive targeted traffic to a landing page and collect a commission for the purchase created by your effort. 

Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the vendor’s funnel and copy writer. You may, of course, create your own landing page system, at least most of the. This way you can test, landing page and funnel, until you have the conversion rate you desire.

Most affiliates make a huge mistake and spend large amounts of money before testing the offer, the platform, and the medium. Please, spend frugally until your sure you get $2-$4 dollars out for every $1 you put in.

Once you accomplish this, ramp it up and keep reinvesting every dollar you earn until you’re earning $10,000 or more per month. If you can continue reinvesting beyond $10K, good for you!

But, how do you determine which products you’ll represent in the beginning? 

I recommend testing, testing, and testing to find out if it’s a viable offering. A lot of affiliate platforms will have tools to help you discover winning affiliate offerings. But, it’s still a great idea to find people already peddling the offer and ask them. If they don’t answer you then I’d take it as go. Who wants to have more competition when you have the golden goose in hand, right?

Most affiliate’s take a look at the commissions being paid out and get starry eyed and just start throwing money at it without good evidence of it being a successful offering.

I first recommend buying the product and taking it for a spin yourself. If you have a good experience then so is everyone else most likely! Another thing to look for are offers which provide excellent support, like great looking banners of every size. The vendor should also provide proven email swipes, social media swipes, etc. 

This makes it super easy to promote their offering and gives you greater opportunity to be successful. This really is a big deal. Think about it if they’re willing to put the time it takes to create promotional material then the offer is at least break even, which means it’s a list building opportunity.

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3) Lastly There Are Resale Products You Can Sell

These are products you can purchase to resell and keep all the profits, nice heh? Some of these products will have what are called Master Resell Rights.

This is where you are able to personally use or sell the product. You may also sell the resell rights to others, but you cannot alter or modify the product in any format, but the original. 

These three types of affiliate marketing are where most new affiliates start; however, this is not every affiliate opportunity available. So, this is not an an all inclusive affiliate marketing article. It does, however, give you a great starting point.

Seeking Good Affiliate Offers to Represent

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